Israel Northern Route

(5) 63 kms | Octubre 19, 2014 | Ásia > Israel Rutas Motos > Israel
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Curvas (5)
Twistiness (1.7)
Rectas (3)
Paisaje (5)
Visibilidad (3.5)
Superficie de la Carretera (4.5)
Peligros (3)
Policia (3)


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Mayo 26, 2016 -

A truly magnificent rout, very enjoyable with some really nice long right and left hand curves, some hairpins and decent asphalt

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Octubre 19, 2014 -

A Spectacular road running right along Israels northern boarder with Lebanon. Skirting mountains and running up and down valleys this is a true roller coaster road with virtually no traffic in lushes greenery.

Within an hour plus ride you´ll run clear from the Mediterranean coast to the hula valley.
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