North from Quenza to the Plateau

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4 star rating ruta
Curvas : 5 star rating ruta Moto Ruta5.0
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Paisaje : 5 star rating ruta Moto Ruta5.0
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Visibilidad : 2 star rating ruta Moto Ruta2.0
Policia : green 3 Motorcycle Road3.0
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Route Added By : rabbit
Date : Junio 29, 2012
Longitud : 11 kms / 6.8 miles
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Road Type : Montañosa
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Junio 29, 2012 - 4 star rating ruta Moto Ruta4.0

A really interesting road that was not really suited to my old VFR750 two up but on an adventure bike wouldve been great fun. At the end is a nature reserve and an interesting place to eat if you turn up at the correct times (before 2pm for lunch if memory serves) the last section going north becomes more and more off road which wouldve been really nice on a bike with more suspension travel, an interesting excursion.

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