Fierze - Fleti

(5) 58 kms
motoraid | Noviembre 25, 2012 | Europa > Albania Rutas Motos > Albania
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Curvas (4.5)
Twistiness (2.9)
Rectas (1)
Paisaje (5)
Visibilidad (2.5)
Superficie de la Carretera (2.5)
Peligros (4.5)
Policia (1)


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August 16, 2019 -

This one of the most spectcular roads i have driven on. Really amazing scenery. Though keep your alert. Road is 1.5 cars wide, and visivility is super bad because of corners+mountain slope.
Got a tight squeeze with a car on a blind corner, had to hug the right side, which had gravel on asphalt = nasty slide. Will come back to do it proper next year :D

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Noviembre 25, 2012 -

After unloading the bike from the Koman lake, this is the road the leads to kukes etc. You go up, see the lake, and then ove 50 km of continues turns, the longer straight should be 100 meters :) !!

Really, fascinating route in which you can see, smell, view so many things !!

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